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Sarah Matthews Dog Training specialises in unique one-on-one training packages tailored directly to your requirements.

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Focused Sessions

With an emphasis on positive reinforcement, our expert trainer covers loose leading walking, recall, separation anxiety, and more to equip dogs and their owners with the skills for a variety of social situations. Each of these training disciplines is also available in solo packages, providing customers with focused sessions on whichever procedure they require.

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Expert Trainers

Dynamic Training

For those interested in learning tricks and fun behaviors with your dog, our experts will also be on hand to deliver dynamic training which helps strengthen the bond with your pet.
Here at Sarah Matthews Dog Training, we are major proponents of cooperative care, offering training sessions to enable your dog to become an active participant in their own care. From vet visits to grooming, co-operative care aims to make your dog a more relaxed, willing participant in frequent daily tasks.

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Enjoyable, force-free training methods

We believe any dog regardless of age, breed, or history can enjoy learning new behaviours. Our goal is to make training as successful and enjoyable as possible for both dog and owner. Here at Sarah Matthews Dog Training, we are dedicated to providing enjoyable, easy-to-understand sessions that are tailored specifically to your dog’s needs. Utilising scientifically-backed, force-free methods, our specialists continually strive to develop greater knowledge and keep up to date with the best methods to help you and your dogs learn together. 

Expert Trainers

Focused Sessions

Anyone interested in expert dog training within an hour’s drive from Belfast, contact Sarah Matthews Dog Training today.